Friday, September 15, 2006

Gentrification of ... the sea? ...

   Here's a quirky Friday story from my home region of Tampa Bay, Florida.  It appears that quite a few residents live in houseboats in the public waters, where the inconveniences of poor sanitary facilities can be trumped by a lack of property taxes.  But in (or off the coast of) many localities, governments are cracking down on "live aboards" -- and some boaters think that legal restrictions often follow the development of new and expensive beachfront condos, whose owners don't like the idea of, or the view of, people living off shore.  Gulfport, where I live, has cracked down, according to the story, but not yet St. Petersburg.  With hundreds of new high-rise condo units coming to the once-sleepy downtown St. Pete, gentrification of the sea is not likely to be far off ...

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