Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sexual Harassment in the Gig Sector

There is a great story in the New York Times today discussing the alarming problem and culture of sexual harassment in the technology sector.  We have all seen the headlines and fallout from this conduct recently at a number of high profile companies in the modern economy.  This article takes a fascinating look inside the industry and culture, focusing on the financing of start-ups.  From the Times piece:

"Most venture capitalists and entrepreneurs are men, with female entrepreneurs receiving $1.5 billion in funding last year versus $58.2 billion for men, according to the data firm PitchBook. Many of the investors hold outsize power, since entrepreneurs need their money to turn ideas and innovations into a business. And because the venture industry operates with few disclosure requirements, people have kept silent about investors who cross the lines with entrepreneurs."

This is an increasingly important issue in a growing part of the economy (and as we blogged about earlier, Professors Eisenstadt and Geddes have an interesting take on the issue available here).  The article definitely provides an interesting perspective on this high-profile topic.

-- Joe Seiner

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