Thursday, May 18, 2017

EEOC Issues New Digest on Age Discrimination


Earlier this month, the US EEOC issued its digest on employment discrimination. The digest, a quarterly publication put together by the office of federal operations, is an excellent resource for both practitioners and academics. The current digest examines some interesting aspects of age discrimination law.  From the press release:

"This edition (Fiscal Year 2017, Volume 2) features a special article entitled, "Age Discrimination: An Overview of the Law and Recent Commission Decisions." This comprehensive article discusses the analysis of age discrimination claims and recent case law - including U.S. Supreme Court decisions and Commission decisions.

"Unlawful age discrimination has no place in the federal sector workplace," said Carlton M. Hadden, director of the EEOC's Office of Federal Operations (OFO). 'It is anathema to the federal government's goal of being a model employer. Age-related employment decisions are often based on myths, fears and stereotypes about the talent and ability of older workers. This article is an excellent resource to help eliminate those false notions.'"

These types of free governmental resources provide excellent sources of information for those of us researching these issues.

-- Joe Seiner

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