Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DOJ Immigration Lawsuit


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In an interesting announcement, the DOJ stated that it will file a lawsuit against Louisiana Crane Company for reported violations of immigration law.  Specifically, the suit alleges that the company held workers that it believed to be citizens of this country to a different standard from its U. S. Workers when it came to presenting employment verification forms. From a Fox News story discussing the case:

“the complaint states that, from at least January 2013 until at least September 2013, Louisiana Crane required employees who it believed to be non-U.S. citizens to present specific documentation for the Form I-9 and/or E-Verify, but allowed believed to be U.S. citizens the flexibility to present a variety of documents.”

As followers of this blog are well aware, immigration law is a complex area and employers must be cautious not to run afoul of the statutory provisions.  This will be an interesting case to follow.

--  Joe Seiner

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