Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Future Workplace

An interesting article over at Yahoo! Finance discusses a report from the consulting firm PwC that outlines possible dramatic changes to the workplace over the course of the next decade.  The report describes a potential “Orwellian” business culture where powerful employers maintain constant monitoring of employees. From the article, one vision of the future workplace includes:

“big companies . . . so powerful and influential they morph into “ministates” that fill the void when government is unable to provide essential services. Companies will also use sensors and other gizmos to monitor employees around the clock. And workers will mostly acquiesce to this digital leash, in exchange for job security, decent pay and important benefits.”

I am far from convinced that we could see such changes in the next decade.  Nonetheless, the report is an important reminder of the constant changes that occur in the working environment. The article is worth a quick read.

-- Joe Seiner

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