Thursday, July 24, 2014

In The News – – Class Action Certified in Suit Against Apple

There is an interesting article over on that discusses a class action case that was just certified against technology giant Apple which alleges that the company failed to provide its workers sufficient time for meals and rest breaks  in violation of California state law.  The company also faces an additional class action suit in a similar case which maintains that the Apple Store did not provide compensation for waiting time to employees while company officials checked the personal belongings of workers when leaving the premises. From the article:

"Among other things, the lawsuit claims Apple employees were forced to work for stretches of five hours or more without meals, and didn't get breaks on shorter shifts. . . The lawsuit contends that Apple's employment rules restrict employees from talking about the company's labor conditions with one another, allowing the company to ‘invoke fear into the class members that if they so much as discuss the various labor policies, they run the risk of being fired, sued or disciplined.’"

These cases are always interesting to follow.  This type of litigation on an individual level is often not pursued, but in a class setting it obviously makes the stakes much higher.

- Joe Seiner

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