Monday, June 2, 2014

EEOC Update: Disability & The Model Employer


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The  EEOC recently announced a public invitation to comment on potential changes to the Rehabilitation Act regulations.  This statute protects federal government employees from discrimination on the basis of disability. The Commission is considering revising the regulations to more fully address what federal agencies should do to satisfy the Rehabilitation Act. More specifically, the EEOC is looking to provide guidance to agencies on how they can become "model employers" under the act.  The Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking solicits public comments  on this issue.  From the EEOC press release:

"The Commission is specifically seeking answers to seven questions listed in the announcement, such as what barriers exist to the hiring, retention, and advancement of individuals with disabilities in the federal government, what regulatory requirements could eliminate these barriers, and whether numerical goals should be established for the employment of people with disabilities by the federal government."


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This EEOC initiative is a very important development. Numerical goals for government employment of people with disabilities are found in nearly all advanced countries except the United States. I have long supported numerical goals and believe they could lead to a breakthrough in employment for people with disabling conditions. I would urge those with interest and expertise on this topic to submit comments before the July 14 deadline. Once again, the ANPR is found at:
For background, articles of mine on the subject are Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act, 46 Buffalo L. Rev. 123, 142-74 (1998) (the information there about the U.K. is now obsolete) and Disability and the Law of Welfare, 2000 U. Ill. L. Rev. 889, 952.

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