Monday, February 24, 2014

The Aftermath of the VW-UAW Vote

VWGiven the amount of attention leading up to the VW-Chattanooga vote, it's no surprise that the aftermath has been heated as well.  Following the UAW's narrow loss, the biggest news is the union's filing of eletcion objections with the NLRB.  The actual objections petition is well worth a read.  I followed the election pretty closely, but was still amazed at some of the statements by Tennessee politicians, especially Sen. Corker who might feel especially charged given his role in bringing VW to Chattanooga while he was mayor.  In any event, there's a plausible third-party interference claim here, especially given Corker's repeated statements that he heard from VW itself that it would decide against expanding production at the plant if the union won.  It'll be interesting to see if VW takes any position before the Board.

In related news, Steven Greenhouse has a good recap on the events as of last week,primarily from the UAW's viewpoint.  Also, Cesar Rosado Marzan (Chicago-Kent) takes the glass-half-full view by stressing the possibility of filing ILO charges and VW bargaining with the UAW as a minority union.  Given the outcry leading up to the vote, could you imaging the reaction if VW started dealing with the union after it lost a vote?

Hat Tip:  Tom Cochrane


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Merits aside, how often does a rerun of an election end up in a reversal.

The irony in all of this is that VW may slow or stop US expansion due to the folks who lied and said a union would hurt expansion.

Posted by: Jared Gross | Feb 25, 2014 6:11:12 AM

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