Friday, November 1, 2013

Recently Published Scholarship: Hofstra JLEL

HjlelHofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal
30th Anniversary Symposium Issue

Vol. 30, #2 (Spring 2013)


  • Marcia L. McCormick, Gender, Family, and Work, p. 309.
  • Brandan S. Maher, Thoughts on the Latest Battles over ERISA's Remedies, p. 339.
  • Nantiya Ruan, Same Law, Different Day: A Survey Of the Last Thirty Years of Wage Litigation and its Impact on Low-Wage Workers, p. 355.
  • Geoffrey Christopher Rapp, Four Signal Moments in Whistleblower Law 1983-2013, p.389.
  • Richard A. Bales & Mark B. Gerano, Oddball Arbitration, p. 405.
  • Nancy B. Schess, Esq., Then and Now: How Technology Has Changed The Workplace, p.435.
  • Kathryn L. Moore, A Comparison of the Role of the Employer in the French and U.S. Health Care System, P.459.
  • Laura McNeal, Total Recal: The rise and Fall of Teacher Tenure, p. 489.
  • Joseph Slater, The Strangely Unsettled State of Public-Sector Labor in the Past Thirty Years, p. 511.
  • Robert A. Kearney, The Future: They Will Lead; The Law will Follow, p. 543.


  • Diana M. Cannino, Implementing A Long Term Work Visa Program to Document the Undocumented and Protect the U.S. Workforce, p. 547
  • Matthew Crawford & Joshua Goodman, Below the Minimum: A Critical REview of the 14(c) Wage Program For Employees with Disabilities, p. 591.


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