Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Labor and Employment Roundup

Supreme CourtA Thanksgiving edition of the labor and employment roundup:

  • UPDATE:  News was just released news that NYU and the UAW have agreed to an AAA-run election for teaching assistants.  As part of the deal, the UAW will drop charges it filed with the NLRB and NYU promised to remain neutral.  Also, the deal does not establish an election for research assistants.  The election could happen early next year.
  • The Supreme Court granted cert. today to determine if for-profit corporations can object to the contraception mandate of the ACA based on religious objections.  Sure, it's not directly an employment case, but if the Court sides with the companies here, it will be a big change from what has long been a presumption against for-profit businesses avoiding employment mandates  on religious liberty grounds.
  • Last week, Boeing workers rejected a proposal by the company to give job guarantees for current employees in exchange for significant cutbacks for newer and future employees.  That's a big turnaround from what has been a trend as of late in many unionized workplaces.
  • Also last week, the Eleventh Circuit sided with the NLRB on the recess appointments issue.  This probably doesn't have much of an impact given the Supreme Court's grant of cert. in Noel Canning, but it provides another voice on the Board's side.

Hat Tip:  Michael Duff , Patrick Kavanagh, & Bill Herbert



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