Thursday, October 10, 2013

ADAPT Conference on Internship and Traineeship for Students and Young People

From our friends at ADAPT in Bergamo, Italy:

Internship and Traineeship for Students and Young People: Training, School-to-Work Transition or Exploitation? (Bergamo, 25-26 October 2013)

Dear Colleagues and Readers,

Is it fair to work for free in order to learn a trade after years in education and many sacrifices? What is the role of the internship in the programmes of our schools and universities? Which are the rules that apply following the guidelines laid down in the Monti-Fornero Labour Market Reform? Is there clear and uniform legislation regulating the internship in Italy, at least for companies operating overseas? Is there a mapping system on regional regulations? How is the abuse of the internship dealt with in the other countries, particularly considering its relevance in terms of school-to-work transition?

These and other aspects concerning the proper – and often problematic – recourse to internships will be discussed at the 4th International Conference on Young People and Employment, which will take place in Bergamo on 25 and 26 October 2013. You are all welcome to join us.

The conference will have a very practical approach, especially in the Italian language session of the 25th, where a preliminary assessment of the guidelines contained in the Monti-Fornero Reform will be provided, along with some instances of good practices carried out at a company level (e.g. IKEA, BOSCH, ENEL and SCF) and the position taken by the trade unions.

The afternoon session of the 25th and the morning session of the 26th will be devoted to a more international and comparative approach, which will consider the legal, economic, sociological and industrial relations dimension.

A digital book available for free will be presented during the conference containing a detailed overview of regional regulations on internships, along with a position paper drafted by the students of the International Doctoral School promoted by ADAPT and CQIA. The latter will be submitted to the EU officials who will also attend the event, in order to be considered for the setting-up of a Quality and Regulatory Framework for Traineeships.

The questions at hand on the proper implementation of internships and traineeships are complex and go well beyond hard and fast principles and straight answers. At the end of the conference, we will thus attempt to cope with such complexity by holding a debate among our Doctoral students on competing arguments (e.g. Is it fair to pay an intern? Would that be a mistake in the long-term?), with our international guests who will act as “arbitrators”.

Attendance is free. Please fill in the online form here:

Given the relevance of the topics discussed, I hope to have your full participation and to share your point of view at the different sessions of the conference.

Michele Tiraboschi


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