Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recently Published Scholarship: Washburn Symposium

WThanks to Joe Mastrosimone (Washburn) for sending us word of the recent publication of Washburn Law Journal's symposium “Employment and Labor Law in the 21st Century: Changes in the Arenas of Conflict”, vol. 52, #3 (Summer 2013).


  • Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Promises to Keep: Ensuring the Payment of Americans’ Pension Benefits in the Wake of the Great Recession, p. 393.
  • Michael C. Duff, What Brady v. N.F.L. Teaches About the Devolution of Labor Law, p. 429.
  • Joseph P. Mastrosimone, Limiting Information in the Information Age: The NLRB’s Misguided Attempt to Squelch Employer Speech, p. 473.
  • Michael Selmi, Hostess and the Search for Workplace Dignity, p. 517.
  • Joseph Slater & Elijah Weleng, Are Public-Sector Employees “Overpaid” Relative to Private-Sector Employees? An Overview of the Studies, p. 533.
  • Robert Sprague & Abigail F. Fournier, Online Social Media and the End of the Employment-at-Will Doctrine, p. 557.


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