Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recently Published Scholarship: Comparative Labor Law & Policy J.


Volume 34, Number 1 Fall 2012

  • Einat Albin, Introduction: Precarious Work and Human Rights, p. 1.
  • Nicola Kountouris, The Legal Determinants of Precariousness in Personal Work Relations: A European Perspective, p. 21.
  • Bernd Waas, A Quid Pro Quo in Temporary Agency Work: Abolishing Restrictions and Establishing Equal Treatment-Lessons to Be Learned from European and German Labor Law?, p. 47.
  • Guy Davidov, The Principle of Proportionality in Labor Law and Its Impact on Precarious Workers, p. 63.
  • Kamala Sankaran, The Human Right to Livelihood: Recognizing the Right to be Human, p. 81.
  • Judy Fudge, Precarious Migrant Status and Precarious Employment: The Paradox of International Rights for Migrant Workers, p. 95.
  • Virginia Mantouvalou, Human Rights for Precarious Workers: The Legislative Precariousness of Domestic Labor, p. 133.
  • Deirdre McCann, New Frontiers of Regulation: Domestic Work, Working Conditions, and the Holistic Assessment of Nonstandard Work Norms, p. 167.
  • Einat Albin, Human Rights and the Multiple Dimensions of Precarious Work, p. 193.
  • Guy Mundlak, Human Rights and Labor Rights: Why Don't the Two Tracks Meet?, p. 217.



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