Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gov. Brown Vetoes Cal. Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Domestic workersCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown vetoed AB 889, the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. See here and here. Bad news for some of California's most vulnerable workers, and a setback for the domestic workers rights movement. Governor Brown's veto message expressed concern  that 24-hour care would become too costly and would result in fewer jobs especially since some workers would be paid by the state.



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Wow. Too left for Governor Moonbeam. Color me shocked.

Posted by: James Young | Oct 3, 2012 6:00:59 PM

I am shocked too.

Posted by: Per Son | Oct 4, 2012 8:03:53 AM

Well, despite Mike Royko's cutesy nickname for him, Jerry Brown has never been a stereotypical left-liberal -- much to the chagrin of the many actual left-liberals in the Golden State. And the domestic worker pay issue splits left-liberal communities, as many disability rights advocates believe that the implementation of more stringent wage and hours provisions in this market will effectively force many people with disabilities to become institutionalized. These comments by the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund on the Department of Labor's recent proposal to eliminate the companionship exemption give a good introduction to the arguments: http://dredf.org/healthcare/FLSA-3-28-12-final-DREDF-comments-on-Letthd.pdf .

Posted by: Sam Bagenstos | Oct 8, 2012 5:41:54 AM

Thanks for the link, Sam!

Posted by: Marcia | Oct 8, 2012 8:59:30 AM

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