Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 Million Pre-Election Pink Slips?

HurrKathy Stone (UCLA) writes at Huffington Post of the huge political repersussions that could occur if, on the Friday before Election Day, a million U.S. workers receive layoff notices.

Stone explains that "[u]nder the Congressional budget compromise last year, if no budget deal is reached by January 2, there will be a mandatory cut in the budgets of all federal agencies, including a 10 percent cut in the Defense Department budget." Republican-leaning business groups and defense company executives are threatening to send out a million WARN Act notices 60 days before January 2 -- i.e., on November 2.  This is notwithstanding a DOL letter advising companies not to issue such WARN notices.  That letter states that any potential layoffs resulting from sequestration arespeculative and the particular workers who might be affected is unknown.

Stone warns that:

Obama is likely to bear the brunt of the blame if nearly one million workers receive layoff notices. If WARN notices are widely issued, it could provide Romney with concrete evidence of the precariousness of any asserted jobs recovery and the dangers of another Obama term.

Democrats need a strategy to stop this storm. They need to explain the facts to the American people and make it clear that any company that issues a WARNing is engaged in unwarranted scare-mongering and political manipulation.


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I'm always impressed by people who don't think the rules they wrote apply to them.

Posted by: James Young | Oct 10, 2012 6:02:02 PM

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