Friday, September 7, 2012

Replacement Referees

NFLAfter all the labor craziness in the NFL last season, you'd think they would deserve a year off.  But, as NFL are well aware, negotiations between the league and the referees are still at a standstill.  The result has been that the NFL locked out the referees this summer and has since been using replacement referees.  During the preseason, this has not worked out well as there were many instances of replacement refs blowing calls.  During Wednesday night's season opener, however, the refs seemed to do a better job.  Whether that continues this weekend, when there are numerous games remains to be seen and the answer could well influence the league's ability to cotinue using the replacement refs.  The sides still seem far apart, but pressure from players and fans could move the NFL some.  Or not; the league stood pretty firm in its negotations with the players last year, so it may be working hard to set down some markers with its employees.  Stay tuned.


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