Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cleaning off my to-post list round-up

Harried workerThere's so much that I've been meaning to post lately, but I've gotten so behind there's no chance. So just to throw it all out there in no particular order:

  • The California Senate passed AB 889 (Domestic Workers bill of rights) late last week. It goes to Governor Brown for signature. Then, of course, the workers have to know they have rights as New York is discovering.
  • People stay in their jobs primarily because they like what they do and they feel connected to their coworkers and employer, according to the National Retention Survey.
  • More on the EEOC's duty to conciliate from Molly DiBianca at the Delaware Employment Law Blog.
  • Honest Tea ran an experiment on people's honesty across the country and have made the data available here. It's broken down in some very interesting ways: by geography, hair color, and more. Could/should employers use this information to make decisions about potential employees in hiring?
  • Is business school culture to blame for sexual harassment in the workplace? Here and here.
  • Women are more likely than men to see nuance in making decisions. Carol Gilligan made that point in moral judgments, but it's now backed up at an earlier stage of cognition: categorizing.
  • It takes three kids to kill your career if you're a woman in Australia.
  • Sometimes, it seems, women are paid less because they're women.
  • Jerks make more money.
  • The Seventh Circuit suggests that it may not show discrimination if a supervisor says that he  (the supervisor ) got his job because he was white, calls a Hispanic employee a “gold-digger” when he  asked for a  raise, says “I’m white and I’m right”, yells at a Hispanic employee having a heart attack to “Get the hell out  of my  office. Go  die somewhere else,” say on numerous occasions that he does not like  Spanish people,  and refer frequently  to Hispanics as  “dummies” and “stupid.” The "real trouble" comes when that supervisor stops hiring because only Hispanics are applying. Yay?
  • Misrepresenting yourself on an insurance application doesn't allow an agency to find that you are what you said there when you said something different to the agency and where the agency has lots of evidence that the representation to it was accurate. Plus, employment immigration law is hard.
  • Lawyers who contract with the federal government to provide general legal advice or other legal services are governed by federal executive orders requiring compliance with federal contractor reporting requirements -- and the OFCCP can come in and make you: Download OFCCP v. O'Melveny & Myers October 31, 2011 (h/t Patricia Schaeffer, EEOIMPACT LLC).

And if I don't start to get some balance between work and life (or cut down on work), I'm going to end up like this poor woman, who died at her desk, but no one noticed. Whew. To-do list cleared off for the moment. I feel better.


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