Friday, August 31, 2012

UK Employment Claims at UCHR

EchrPJH Law reports that next week, the European Convention on Human Rights will hear four high profile Article 9 claims against the UK relating to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion:

The claims were all dismissed by the UK courts amidst much controversy.  As a quick reminder, they are (1) Lillian Ladele who lost her job as a registrar after her employer required her to register civil partnerships (she refused due to her Christian beliefs); (2) Nadia Eweida who was suspended by British Airways for wearing of a crucifix; (3) Shirley Chaplin who lost her job as a nurse after refusing to remove her crucifix when v necked tunics were introduced for staff and (4) Gary McFarlane who was dismissed as a relationship counsellor because his employer believed he would not provide counselling to same sex couples.


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