Monday, August 20, 2012

Labor Law Roundup

CaterpillarSome recent labor and employment developments:

  •     The Raleigh News & Observer had a nice three-part series on businesses avoiding their employment and tax law consequences by misclassifying workers.  It focuses on a local bricklaying subcontractor and does a good job tying in the different entities that are affected by these companies, including those not usually discussed, such as competing businesses (not to mention my employer, UNC).
  •     Possible settlement of Caterpillar strike?  Steven Greenhouse has an update, which shows that there's serious doubt whether it will happen because the local union isn't happy with the proposed settlement negotiated at the district level.
  •     A strike at a South African platinimum mine has become deadly.  In addition to 10 other deaths associated with the strike, police fired on striking miners wielding machetes, killing at least 18. One interesting aspect of this strike is that it has pitted a newer union that wants faster improvements against the more traditional union, which is associated with the government.  Those familiar with labor history in the U.S. will recognize that this story sounds very familiar to what we used to see here prior to the Wagner Act.


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