Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recently Published Scholarship: BJELL


Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
Vol. 32 #2 (2011)


  • Catherine L. Fisk, The Role of Private Property Rights in Markets for Labor and Ideas: Screen Credit and the Writers Guild of America, 1938-2000, p. 215.
  • Timothy P. Glynn, Taking Self-Regulation Seriously: High-Ranking Officer Sanctions for Work-Law Violations, p. 279.
  • Herman N. (Rusty) Johnson, Jr., The Evolving Strong-Basis-In-Evidence Standard, p. 347.

Working Group on the Future of Systemic Disparate Treatment Law

  • Noah D. Zatz, Introduction: Working Group on the Future of Systemic Disparate Treatment Law, p. 387.
  • Tristin K. Green, The Future of Systemic Disparate Treatment Law, p. 395.
  • Melissa Hart, Civil Rights and Systemic Wrongs, p. 455.
  • Michael Selmi, Theorizing Systemic Disparate Treatment Law: After Wal-Mart v Dukes, p. 477.
  • Richard Thompson Ford, Beyond Good and Evil in Civil Rights Law: The Case of Wal-Mart v. Dukes, p. 513.

David E. Feller Annual Memorial Labor Law Lecture

  • Eliseo Medina, The Collective Rights of Immigrant Workers: Organizing in Difficult Times, p. 531.



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