Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OSJDR Symposium on the Role of ADR Mechanisms in Public Sector Labor Disputes

OsjdrThe Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution will be hosting on February 17 a Symposium on the Role of ADR Mechanisms in Public Sector Labor Disputes: What Is at Stake, Where We Can Improve & How We Can Learn from the Private Sector.  Speakers include Charles Craver (Keynote Speaker), Richard Bales, Howard Bellman, Michael Carrell, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Michael Green, David Bruce Lipsky, Anne Lofaso, Martin Malin, Saul Rubinstein, Joseph Slater, Lamont Stallworth, and Floyd Weatherspoon.  Here;s a description of the program:

As a result of the economic downturn and government efforts to cut costs, public sector collective bargaining has come to the forefront of the political landscape. The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Symposium will bring together interdisciplinary scholars and dispute resolution professionals from around the country to examine the current role of ADR mechanisms in public sector collective bargaining and suggest ways to improve negotiations in the future.

The first panel of the Symposium features ADR experts who will provide an overview of the controversy of public sector collective bargaining with particular emphasis on recent legislative developments in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The second panel features a discussion of current ADR practices in the private sector (Fortune 1000 companies) and how the successes or failures of those practices bear on the future of public sector bargaining, if at all. The third panel will focus on the many ways arbitration has played a part in collective bargaining disputes, including the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in collective bargaining agreements, the use of “final offer” arbitration during negotiations, and the emergence of interest arbitration statutes.

The Symposium will conclude with a panel discussion on how continued negotiation between public sector unions and management does in fact advance the public interest. The OSJDR Symposium is an opportunity to explore critically and comprehensively the intersection of alternative dispute resolution and public sector labor concerns.



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