Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NAA Releases Arbitration DVD

Barry Winograd & Dennis Nolan send word of this new new educational DVD available from the National Academy of Arbitrators.  The DVD includes case presentations and arbitrator decisions in a dismissal case.  The cost is $35; a flyer describes the fact pattern:

The DVD captures an instructive and entertaining session from the Academy’s annual meeting in San Diego in May 2011. The subject of the arbitration is the dismissal of a 20-year old soda delivery driver who finds $400 on his route, keeps the money for himself, but then turns it over when his supervisor asks about the missing money at the end of the day. The DVD includes direct and cross examination of a witness, and closing arguments, by skilled counsel. Decisions are then rendered by a panel of experienced arbitrators from the US and Canada, and by a system board of adjustment from the airline industry.


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