Friday, December 4, 2009

NLRB: Number of R Cases Drops

Norma RaeThe National Labor Relations Board released its Fiscal Year 2009 Performance and Accountability Report this week.  According to the report, although the Board's caseload remained steady, unfair labor practice (ULP) charges increased slightly and representation election petitions decreased by 14.4%.  Some other highlights:

  • the Board recovered $77,611,322 on behalf of employees as backpay or reimbursement of fees, dues, and fines, with 1,549 employees offered reinstatement; and
  • Regional Offices won 89.8% of Board and Administrative Law Judge ULP and compliance decisions in whole or in part.

What remains unclear is whether the decline in the number of R cases results from a diminished need for union representation, the hope that EFCA (in one form or another) will be signed into law, or something else.

Kevin Kraham

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During a break in a collective bargaining session a few months ago, the small talk turned to union organizing efforts. My counterpart, the business rep for a local union, stated to the effect, "why waste my efforts now when it will be like shooting fish in the barrel after EFCA becomes law." While I will be surprised if we see "card check" in whatever form of the bill that gets through the Senate, employers should equally fear the more likely outcome - "quickie elections".

Posted by: Phil Mortensen | Dec 8, 2009 8:38:18 AM

Oh brother, I fear Phil may be right.

Posted by: Harris Meyer | Jan 7, 2010 4:33:31 PM

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