Friday, May 29, 2009

Trans-Inclusive ENDA to Be Coming back to Congress

Congress Jillian Weiss (Ramapo College) at Transgender Workplace Diversity reports on an interview in the Washington Blade with Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts in which he discusses the planned re-introduction of ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, next month. The article suggests that this version will prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and sexual identity, including non-conformity with gendered stereotypes of identity and expression.

Dr. Weiss promises to analyze several issues related to the proposed bill in future posts including,

  • How should gender identity be defined?
  • Does "gender identity" language protect employees other than transgender people?
  • What are the scope of the exemptions from coverage included in the bill?
  • Who supports ENDA, and why?
  • Who opposes ENDA, and why?
  • What education do Members of Congress need?
  • What should I tell my Congressperson?
  • How will the relationship between transgender advocates and the wider LGBT advocacy community play out in this go-round?
  • What has been the experience of organizations in jurisdictions with current gender identity protections?
  • What types of issues have come up with transgender workers in the workplace?
  • Is ENDA beneficial, detrimental, or neutral for the organizations that it covers?

I look forward to keeping up with this series.

Hat tip: Paul Secunda


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