Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Broken Government Project

Capitoldome Andrew Green, from the Center for Public Integrity, tells us about a project that the Center just launched.

"Broken Government" catalogues many of the major executive branch failures over the past eight years - including failures to protect Worker Safety.

The complete list is available at their site.   You can find categories that labor-types might be interested in, for instance, by clicking on topics under Consumers & Workers.

Sounds like one could spend all day on this site reading about what is broken in American government these days (sigh).


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Your links aren't working.

However, I wonder if I need to bother to look for the links to "Protection of Beck Rights."

And why for only the last eight years? However about "major executive branch failures" during the Clinton Administration? Better yet, with this Administration virtually over, why not start a site to catalogue the "major executive branch failures" of the impending Obama Administration.

This is partisan hackery masquerading as objective analysis.

Posted by: James Young | Dec 10, 2008 11:02:46 AM

Jeez louise. The site is already talking about the Blagojevich scandal. It seems the past 8 years is important given that is what we are inheriting.

If we include Clinton, should we include Bush I, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon . . . .

The big question is whether Dems will be complaining about Bush II in 2016, and the even bigger question is whether Repubs will still be complaining about Bill Clinton.

Posted by: Per Son | Dec 11, 2008 7:31:02 AM

Your flaw is in your premise, "Per Son," since "we" are also "inheriting" more than the "failures" of the past eight years. Failures like the mortgage crisis which may have started this whole thing, a crisis precipitated by a flawed policy of easy credit-by-intimidation which goes all the way back to the Carter Administration, with an assist from the Clinton Administration. Failures like a policy of discouraging domestic energy production and exploitation which, while partially an executive policy, also goes back to a ban on offshore expanded drilling and exploration of ANWR that goes back decades. Failures like the decision to eschew capture of Osama Bin Laden which goes back to the Clinton Administration.

Even by your standards, failures like enacting a policy which protects the right of workers to a secret-ballot election to choose a union, one which goes all the way back to the Roosevelt Administration and that pesky Wagner Act.

I don't expect Liberals to be honest. But calling this site "Broken Government" illustrates the point. What it's about is "Bashing Bush for Policies We Don't Like, Whether He's Responsible for Them or Not."

Posted by: James Young | Dec 11, 2008 12:30:22 PM

Lord have mercy my good fella. Apart from putting out the myth that secret ballot elections were the intended sole way to select a union, I don't seem to understand your point. The website's focus is the current administration. You do not like that, it appears, because Clinton needs to be thrown in the mix. Do I think Clinton is perfect, or Carter, or Lincoln, or FDR? Heck no. If you still think that the past 8 years is really a blur, and the real bad stuff only happened from 76-80 and 92-2000, and any criticism of Bush is mere policy differences - then a fair discussion can never happen becauyse we will simply talk over each other.

One last thing, does anyone actually think that drilling in ANWR will make an iota of difference in the price of oil except for a short lived dip in price reflected in futures?

Posted by: Per Son | Dec 12, 2008 8:32:19 AM

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