Saturday, September 27, 2008

SSRN Top-10 List of Recent Employment & Labor Downloads


  1. Richard L. Kaplan, A Guide to Starting Social Security Benefits (1118).
  2. Marcos Pompeu Pareto, The Health Care Crisis in the United States: The Issues and Proposed Solutions by the 2008 Presidential Candidates (157).
  3. Robert Novy-Marx & Joshua D. Raugh, The Intergenerational Transfer of Public Pension Promises (135).
  4. Kenneth M. Casebeer, At-Will Employment (87).
  5. Orly Lobel (photo above), Intellectual Property and Restrictive Covenants (79).
  6. Matthew T. Bodie, Mother Jones Meets Gordon Gekko: The Complicated Relationship Between Labor and Private Equity (76).
  7. Jonah B. Gelbach, Jonathan Klick, & Lesley Wexler, Passive Discrimination: When Does It Make Sense to Pay Too Little? (74).
  8. Robert Flannigan, Fiduciary Mechanics (71).
  9. Jared D. Harris, What's Wrong with Executive Compensation? (62).
  10. Dwight Steward & Stephanie Botello, Back Pay and Front Pay Calculations in Employment Termination Cases: Accounting for Re-Employment and Mitigation Efforts (60).


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