Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Symposium on Behavioral Realism (and Implicit Bias)

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California Law Review
Volume 94, No. 4, July 2006

Symposium on Behavioral Realism

  • Anthony G. Greenwald (top row, left) & Linda Hamilton Krieger (top row, center-left), Implicit Bias: Scientific Foundations, p. 945.
  • Christine Jolls (top row, center-right) & Cass R. Sunstein (top row, right), The Law of Implicit Bias, p. 969.
  • Linda Hamilton Krieger & Susan T. Fiske (second row, left), Behavioral Realism in Employment Discrimination Law: Implicit Bias and Disparate Treatment, p. 997.
  • Jerry Kang (second row, center-left) & Mahzarin R. Banaji (second row, center-right), Fair Measures: A Behavioral Realist Revision of ‘Affirmative Action’, p. 1063.
  • Gary Blasi (second row, right) & John T. Jost (bottom row, left), System Justification Theory and Research: Implications for Law, Legal Advocacy, and Social Justice, p. 1119.
  • R. Richard Banks (bottom row, center-left), Jennifer L. Eberhardt (bottom row, center-right), & Lee Ross, Discrimination and Implicit Bias in a Racially Unequal Society, p. 1169.


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