Thursday, March 9, 2006

Worldwide Glass Ceilings at Work

GlassceilingAccenture just completed a study which suggests that there still exists a substantial "glass ceiling" for women seeking advancement in their organizations.  And not only in the United States, but in a number of other countries as well, including Austria, Canada, and the Phillipines.

According to the study, which was undertaken in eight countries including the United States, only 30% of women executives and 43% of male executives believe that women have the same opportunities as men do in the workplace today.  The study's authors believe that these statistics support the existence of a glass ceiling.

Nevertheless, and somewhat paradoxically, the study also found that women executives were about as personally satisfied with their own career opportunities and positions as men were with theirs. In this regards, the same level of  men and women responding to the survey (58%) said that they are fairly compensated or that their salary reflects their personal achievements.   

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