Thursday, March 9, 2006

NFL and Players Approve Labor Deal

From the Associated Press:

At the end, even the NFL's maverick owners decided that labor peace was better than the uncertainty of working without a salary cap. They didn't especially like doing it, though, after two days of meetings that sometimes got quite contentious.

"No one hit anyone," Oakland's Al Davis said after the owners finally agreed Wednesday to accept a deal that will add close to a billion dollars to the players' pool in return for six years of labor peace. "Yeah, people were yelling a little bit, you know, but it's part of life. The idea is to go and get something done."

Davis, the NFL's most conspicuous antiestablishment owner, turned into a league supporter for this one. The agreement will add $850 million to $900 million to the player revenue pool, contributed each year on a sliding scale by the 15 teams that earn the most from non-television and ticket income.

All is right with the world again.  Now, GO EAGLES!!!


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