Friday, September 2, 2005

Emergency Hurricane Communications

The Law Librarian Blog is compiling communications resources for legal and academic communities affected by Hurricane Katrina as the blog's editorial staff locates them. See generally  Law Librarian Blog

- Joe Hodnicki, editor, Law Librarian Blog

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

NBER Report on Worker Displacement

The Intergenerational Effect of Worker Displacement
by Philip Oreopoulos, Marianne Page, Ann Huff Stevens


This paper uses variation induced by firm closures to explore the intergenerational effects of worker displacement. Using a Canadian panel of administrative data that follows almost 60,000 father-child pairs from 1978 to 1999 and includes detailed information about the firms at which the father worked, we construct narrow treatment and control groups whose fathers had the same level of permanent income prior to 1982 when some of the fathers were displaced. We demonstrate that job loss leads to large permanent reductions in family income. Comparing outcomes among individuals whose fathers experienced an employment shock to outcomes among individuals whose fathers did not, we find that children whose fathers were displaced have annual earnings about 9% lower than similar children whose fathers did not experience an employment shock. They are also more likely to receive unemployment insurance and social assistance. The estimates are driven by the experiences of children whose family income was at the bottom of the income distribution, and are robust to a number of specification checks.

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NLRB Rules Against Carroll College

The Minneapolis Star Tribune/Associated Press is reporting that the NLRB has rejected claims by Carroll College that applying federal labor laws to the school administration would impede Carroll's mission as an institution once affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.

The school had argued that it was protected from federal labor laws by its religious freedom. But the labor board concluded in a ruling released Tuesday that, although Carroll was founded by Presbyterians in the 1840s, it now has few connections to the church. Read the entire article.

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Working Borders Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of the Feb. 10-11, 2005 conference at the University of Texas School of Law, Working Borders: Linking Debates About Insourcing and Outsourcing of Capital and Labor, are published at 40 Tex. Int'l L.J. 692-805 (2005).

- Joe Hodnicki

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bloggers Beware: Firms Starting To Take Action in the Workplace

Pat Broderick starts his San Diego Business Journal article, Bloggers Beware: Firms Starting To Take Action in the Workplace, with the following:

You’re sitting in the privacy of your home, messing around on your personal computer, working out your anger and frustration in a “blog,” or online message board. Maybe you’re just having a little fun — at a co-worker’s, or even the company’s, expense. So, what’s the harm?

But what if your supposedly harmless blogging causes your company’s stock to fall, or otherwise damages its reputation?

Read on.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Family Law Prof Blog Launched

The Law Professor Blogs Network is pleased to announce the launch of its latest blog: Family Law Prof Blog, edited by Barbara Glesner Fines (Missouri-Kansas City), Robert E. Oliphant (William Mitchell), and Nancy Ver Steegh (William Mitchell).

Like the other blogs in our network, Family Law Prof Blog combines combine both (1) permanent resources and links, and (2) daily news and information.  Our editors are leading scholars and teachers who are committed to providing the web destination for law professors in their fields.  I hope you will check out the blogs in your areas and become regular visitors.

Family Law Prof Blog joins our existing blogs:

AntitrustProf Blog (since 10/18/04)
Shubha Ghosh (SUNY Buffalo)

Business Law Prof Blog (since 5/2/05)
Dale Oesterle (Ohio State)

Chinese Law Prof Blog (since 5/30/05)
by Donald C. Clarke (George Washington)

Clinical Law Prof Blog (since 5/25/05)
Pamela R. Metzger (Tulane)
Katherine Maris Mattes (Tulane)

ContractsProf Blog (Official Blog of the AALS Contracts Section) (since 11/4/04)
Carol L. Chomsky (Minnesota)
Frank Snyder (Texas-Wesleyan)

Corporate Compliance Prof Blog (since 5/24/05)
Paul R. McGreal (South Texas)

CrimProf Blog (since 11/1/04)
Gabriel J. (Jack) Chin (Arizona)
Mark A. Godsey (Cincinnati)

Elder Law Prof Blog (since 5/2/05)
Kim Dayton (William Mitchell)

Environmental Law Prof Blog (since 5/25/05)
Susan L. Smith (Willamette)

Health Law Prof Blog (since 11/8/04)
S. Elizabeth Malloy (Cincinnati)
Thomas W. Mayo (SMU)

LaborProf Blog (since 10/1/04)
Rafael Gely (Cincinnati)

Law Librarian Blog (since 1/1/05)
Joseph A. Hodnicki (Cincinnati)

Law School Academic Support Blog (since 2/1/05)
Dennis Tonsing (Roger Williams)

Leiter's Law School Reports (since 8/1/05)
Brian R. Leiter (Texas)

Media Law Prof Blog (since 1/14/05)
Cristina A. Corcos (LSU)

Sentencing Law & Policy Blog (since 6/28/04)
Douglas A. Berman (Ohio State)

TaxProf Blog (since 4/15/04)
Paul L. Caron (Cincinnati)

Tech Law Prof Blog (since 2/15/05)
Jonathan Ezor (Touro)
Michelle Zakarin (Touro)

White Collar Crime Prof Blog (since 11/1/04)
Peter J. Henning (Wayne State)
Ellen S. Podgor (Stetson, 2005-06, Georgia State)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog (since 1/24/05)
Gerry W. Beyer (Texas Tech)

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