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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fighting Tax Crime: The Ten Global Principles

The OECD's Task Force on Tax Crimes and Other Crimes (TFTC) has a mandate to improve co-operation between tax and law enforcement agencies, including anti-corruption and anti- Fighting Tax Crimes bookmoney laundering authorities, to counter financial crimes more effectively. The TFTC's work is carried out in connection with the OECD's Oslo Dialogue, a whole of government approach to tackling tax crimes and other financial crimes. 

Fighting Tax Crime: The Ten Global Principles sets out the 10 essential principles for effectively fighting tax crimes. It covers the legal, institutional, administrative, and operational aspects necessary for putting in place an efficient system for fighting tax crimes and other financial crimes. It draws on the insights and experience of jurisdictions around the world.

The purpose is to allow jurisdictions to benchmark their legal and operational framework, and identify areas where improvements can be made. Future work in this area will include adding country specific details, covering a wide range of countries.

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