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Monday, March 13, 2017

Draft Form 8975, Country-by-Country Report, and Schedules A, Tax Jurisdiction and Entity Financial Information for 2017 Filing

Some jurisdictions have adopted country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements for annual accounting periods beginning on or after January 1, 2016, that would require a Irs_logoconstituent entity resident in the jurisdiction to report CbC information if the constituent entity is part of an MNE group with an ultimate parent entity resident in a jurisdiction that does not have a CbC reporting requirement (including pursuant to parent surrogate filing) for the same annual accounting period (local CbC filing). Consequently, constituent entities of a U.S. MNE group may be subject to local CbC filing for early reporting periods, unless the ultimate parent entity files a Form 8975, or reports CbC information to another jurisdiction that accepts surrogate filing, for such early reporting period. The preamble to the CbC reporting regulations indicated that the Treasury Department and the IRS would provide a procedure for ultimate parent entities of U.S. MNE groups to file Form 8975 for early reporting periods.

Thus, beginning on September 1, 2017, Form 8975 may be filed for an early reporting period with the income tax return or other return as provided in the Instructions to Form 8975 for the taxable year of the ultimate parent entity of the U.S. MNE group with or within which the early reporting period ends.

draft CbCR form 8975 here

draft Schedule A CbCR financial information 

draft instructions to complete Form 8975 and its Schedule A

An ultimate parent entity that files its return electronically must file the Form 8975 through the IRS Modernized e-File system in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, not as a binary attachment (such as a PDF file). The IRS intends to provide specific electronic filing information on Form 8975 to the software industry in early 2017 so that developers will be able to make Form 8975 available in their software ahead of the September 1, 2017, implementation date. For filers of Form 8975 that are not eligible to use Modernized e-File to file their income tax return, a paper version of Form 8975 will be made available in advance of the September 1, 2017, implementation date.

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