Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Right to Vote

As I watch the unending coverage of the elections in the United States this evening, I cannot help but be struck by the differences in the meaning of the right to vote in the United States and other countries of the world.

China is also holding an election this week at its 18th Party Congress, at which time the Chinese will elect a new president and a new premier. However, unlike the winner of the U.S. election, the Chinese elections seem a foregone conclusion as it is expected the the vice president and vice chair will take the places of their former party bosses.

In Zimbabwe, the government reports that it does not have sufficient revenue (estimated to be $219 million), to conduct national elections, including a vote for a new president. That may mean that President Robert Mugabe continues his three decades of rule. Contrast that amount with the estimated $6 billion spent in the United States on the 2012 election.

Despite the flaws in our electoral process,we in the United States should be grateful that we have choices and the resources to effectuate those choices.



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