Monday, November 7, 2011

Global Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Conference

The Gujarat National Law University, Gujarat, India is organizing the Global Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Conference from 26 to 27 November 2011 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The following is the conference announcement:

Relevance of the conference for the developing nations, especially maritime nations:

The piracy threat has become a daily affair, hundreds of crew members and many ships are being held hostage.  Despite the fact that leading shipping associations have launched a campaign “Save Our Seafarers”, the governments and the international community are yet to come up with stronger enforcement legal mechanisms to prevent and eradicate the problem. While the developed nations are equipped with state-of-art technological machineries and instrumentation, developing nations are lagging far behind in their capacity building. As a result, the economic, trade and human losses to developing nations are increasing more in comparison to the developed nations. Capacity building for the developing nations, despite the magnitude of the scale of the problem and losses to the entire international community, including developed nations, is not acquiring significant momentum. While government-to-government capacity building programs are often subjected to bureaucratic hurdles and resource-crunch, there is a need on part of the commercial end-users and intermediaries to devise ways, means and strategies to build the capacity among partners from the developing nations for achieving larger benefits. There is a need for an Implementation Protocol, a non-binding, gentleman’s understanding, i.e practical and feasible guidelines, as starting point, which can be practiced among the user nations, individuals and commercial companies. The UN Security Council resolutions 1851 (2008), 1897 (2009), 1950 (2010), and 1976 (2011) have highlighted the gravity of the situation and need for international cooperation.

In view of this, GNLU initiative is timely and will be immensely helpful to India and the global community at large. The conference proposal attached identifies clear aims, tangible outcomes, measurement of such outcomes and providing much needed platform to all stakeholders, commercial, governmental and inter-governmental institutions. GNLU is contemplating an exhibition to provide opportunities to stakeholders to showcase their institutions, networks, products, among others.

GNLU has pleasure in informing you that ambassadors, diplomats, judges, lawyers, senior navy officers, academicians, researchers, from as many as 21 nations (from all continents) and IMO, UN and European Union have confirmed their participation. GNLU has invited representatives of the coast guards, navy, ports, oil and gas companies, shipping companies, shipping insurance companies and firms from across the country and the world to this first kind of conference in India in recent years.  The conference will indeed help the Industry, such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Tankers, Shipping, Insurance, Intelligence Agencies, Research and Development Agencies and Institutions, Technology Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors, Private Security Companies, Coast Guard Management Authorities, government departments such as foreign ministry, defense ministry, navy, Academicians, Researchers, Law Firms, Police Officers, and Maritime Judiciary authorities.

GNLU invites participation in the deliberations of the conference and contributions to the success of the conference.  For more information, visit the conference website.


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