Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Constitution Promised for Nepal

Nepal is committed to the drafting of a new constitution that will consolidate peace and democracy as the country moves away from the “feudalistic and autocratic” monarchy that was abolished in 2008, Prime Minister Bauram Bhattarai told the United Nations General Assembly today.  “The constitution will not only guarantee the fundamental democratic norms… It will also ensure that our multi-party democracy is inclusive, participatory and life-changing for all, especially the labouring masses and the marginalized ones.”     

Nepal has been plagued by political disputes since the civil war between Government forces and Maoists formally ended in 2007 and the monarchy was abolished. Several deadlines to draft a new constitution have been missed. 

Mr. Bhattarai also called for a “new Marshall Plan” – the large-scale aid programme that helped Western Europe recover after the Second World War – to rebuild countries emerging from conflict to ensure sustainable peace and socio-economic development to lift people out of poverty.  “The islands of prosperity amidst the sea of poverty are not sustainable. It is morally indefensible,” the Prime Minister said.    

(Adapted from a UN Press Release) (mew)

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