Monday, July 18, 2011

Jordan Paust on Nonstate Actors in International Law

Professor Jordan Paust (University of Houston) has published a new essay on "Nonstate Actor Participation in International Law and the Pretense of Exclusion."  You can find it in the Summer 2011 issue of the Virginia Journal of International Law (volume 51 at page 977).  It won't take you long to read (unless you read the footnotes!).  In the essay, he shows that for the last 250 years, international law has not merely been state-to-state.  Contrary to many popular myths about the history of international law, Paust shows that international law has reached a wide range of non-state actors over all of these years.  As such, we need to re-evaluate the nature, sources, and evidence of international law.  As Paust writes: "Ignorance of our past should no longer be used to deny our common dignity."

Be sure to put this article on your summer reading list!

Hat tip to Jordan Paust


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