Friday, July 15, 2011

No Progress on Restoring Democracy to Fiji

Radio Australia reports that Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, has said that talks have stagnated on restoring democracy in Fiji.  As you might remember, Fiji was suspended from the commonwealth in 2009 following a military coup in that country.  The military ruler, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has refused all pressures to hold elections and restore the government to civilian power.  Mr. Sharma noted that instead of moving toward democracy, "the abrogation of the constitution, the emergency order, and the decision making format which now avails by decree - all this has actually put the clock back." Mr Sharma was in the Pacific region this week to discuss ways the Commonwealth can strengthen its partnership with the nations of Samoa and Tonga.

Hat tip to the East-West Center and Radio Australia.  We extend our continued concern for the lawyers and people of Fiji.


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