Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Web Resources for Women's Human Rights

The Thompson Reuters Foundation sponsors TrustLaw - a series of web pages providing legal assistance and news relating to good governance and women's rights.  Recently, Trustlaw Women became the lastest member of the Foundation's Trustlaw family.  Trustlaw Women is designed to be "a global hub for news, information, resources and discussion devoted to women's legal rights."  The Trustlaw Women's page covers everything from the five most dangerous countries for women (Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Pakistan and Somalia), to recent U.S. laws restricting abortions to the rise in mental illness for Nepalese women.   It may prove to be a valuable resource for those working on human rights of women.

Another useful resource for those in the field of women's human rights may be the American Bar Association's IMPOWR - International Models Project for Women's Rights.  The IMPOWR vision statement describes IMPOWR as "an innovative initiative to harness the information sharing power of the internet to empower advocates and defenders of gender equality under the law around the world. The project is focused on the establishment of a global, collaborative, online database of information on gender-equality laws, law reform efforts and law enforcement strategies."  During the last year, IMPOWR launched its website and database, which is a work in progress, but which may prove to be a valuable resource in coming years.  Volunteers to work on the website and database are being sought.



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