Sunday, March 20, 2011


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon again called on the Libyan Government to stop all hostilities against its own civilians and comply fully with last week's Security Council resolution.  Libyan authorities in the capital, Tripoli, reportedly declared a ceasefire tonight in their battle with opposition forces who have led a popular uprising against the long-standing regime of Muammar al-Qadhafi.

Speaking to journalists in Egypt, Mr. Ban noted that this is at least the third time in 48 hours that senior Libyan officials have either declared a ceasefire or pledged to fully abide with last Thursday's Council resolution.  "Now they have been continuing to attack the civilian population," Mr. Ban said in response to questions, adding that their ceasefire claims must be verified and tested.

UN Security Council Resolution 1973 authorizes UN Member States to take "all necessary measures" to protect civilians and the militaries of several countries have launched air raids against Libyan targets in the past 48 hours.  Mr. Ban noted the "very decisive action" of some Member States to implement the resolution and try to protect Libyan civilians from further attacks. He also commended the Arab League for its recommendation of a no-fly zone above Libya, which was included in the Council resolution.  "Let me say: we are at a historic moment. Democracy is on the march across the Arab world."

(Excerpts from a UN Press Release)

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Posted by: ÁLVARO GÓMEZ CASTRO | Mar 21, 2011 6:43:41 AM

The unanimous passing of UN Resolution 1973 by the USA, UK, France, China, and Russia,the 5 permanent members, can be viewed as a great step in the right direction in relation to the implementation of ubiquitous International Law. However, to date the United States has been responsible for carrying out a disproportional percentage of the expenses, aircraft, men, and resources. Not only is the US becoming involved in third conflict with a Middle Eastern nation, if one will consider Afghanistan in the Middle East, but the US is doing so during a time when it's detrimental GDP deficit is such a problem it is threatening to shutdown the government. The arguments on the domestic front are heated and many consider this action taken concerning Libya is illegal despite UN Resolution 1973, this would not be a first. In order for UN Resolution 1973 to not evolve into another Somalia the US must require tangible action to be taken by France, the UK, and the Arab League nations in taking over the operations of Operation 'Odyssey Dawn'. If not this ever promising of democratic movements throughout the Middle East will be hurt by the stigmatization of Western particularly US involvement that in the end will only hurt the region.

Posted by: Jennings | Mar 23, 2011 6:33:20 AM

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