Monday, December 6, 2010

Guinea to Form New Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Flag The new president-elect of Guinea, Alpha Conde, announced in a televised address on Saturday that he intends to create a truth and reconcilation commission to hear claims regarding ethnic and political violence in the West African country over the past several decades.  Conde was quoted as saying that the truth and reconcilation commission would be created "so those who have made mistakes can ask forgiveness and that victims can accept this forgiveness . . .I know that forgiveness does not replace the dead or the arms that were chopped off, but it's an important step."  The commission will be modeled on the South African Truth and Reconcilation Commission created by Nelson Mandela to help South Africa deal with its history of apartheid.


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Good initiative but I really doubt it will ever work. Like it or not but the society is ethnically divided in Guinea; people are raised with preconceived ideas about the different ethnic groups. "Malinke people are mean; SoSo people like to fight; Pular people never forgive and have a forked tongue..." It doesn't matter how much time you spend in contact with the so-called modern civilization: it's ingrained in people. During the recent post-electoral violences, I believe some news reports stated that the policemen were saying things like "You, Pular (Fulani) people will never rule this country". TRC? Yeah, right!!! It didn't work that well in SA, contrary to popular belief and it will definitely never work in Guinea. Weed out prejudices and tribalism from people's heads then we'll see

Posted by: IntlLawJunkie | Dec 8, 2010 4:09:31 PM

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