Friday, September 24, 2010

International Law at CSLSA

Once again, it's that time of year - the Central States Law Schools Association (CSLSA) annual conference.  This year, the conference is being hosted at University of North Dakota School of Law.  There's a great lineup of international and comparative law professors, including:

H. Allen Blair (Hamline), The Value of Standards in International Sales Law

Robert Brown (John Marshall, Atlanta), All that Glitters is Not Gold: the Limits of Exporting Securitization Reform in the United States to International Financial Markets

Cindy Buys (Southern Illinois), Strangers in a Strange Land: The Importance of Better Compliance with Consular Notification Rights

Shahram Dana (John Marshall), Beyond Retroactivity to Realizing Justice: A Theory on the Principle of Legality in International Criminal Law Sentencing

Gregory Gordon (North Dakota), Peter von Hagenbach and the Twilight Zone Pre-History of International Criminal Law

Virginia Harper Ho (Kansas), Exploring Interactive Corporate Compliance Beyond Democracy: The Puzzling Case of China 

William Johnson (North Dakota), Understanding Exclusion of the CISG: A New Paradigm of Determining Party Intent

Andrew Jurs (Florida Coastal), Balancing Legal Process with Scientific Expertise: A Comparative Assessment of Expert Witness Methodology in Five Nations and Suggestions for Reform of Post-Daubert U.S. Reliability Determinations

Milena Sterio (Cleveland-Marshall), A Grotian Moment: Changes in the Legal Theory of Statehood

More information about the conference and abstracts for these papers can be found on the CSLSA website.


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