Monday, September 27, 2010

Australian Foreign Minister Urges UN Reform

United Nations Flag The United Nations will become “a hollow shell” with nations choosing to go around it to deal with the most pressing global issues unless its institutions are reformed to meet today’s challenges, according to a statement by Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd made before the U.N. General Assembly.  Click here to read a copy of his remarks. 

Mr. Rudd told the Assembly’s annual high-level debate that on several key international issues the UN had shown recently that it was unable to meet public expectations. The Australian official warned that “if we fail to make the UN work, to make its institutions relevant to the great challenges we all now face, the uncomfortable fact is that the UN will become a hollow shell. Nation States may retain the form of the UN, but increasingly seek to go around the UN and deploy other mechanisms, to achieve real results.” 

(from a UN Press Release)

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