Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Same-Sex Marriage in Argentina

Argentina The global debate on same-sex marriage continues.  Here we share with you two recent advertisements from Argentina.  Both advertisements are quite well done and have stimulated a great deal of commentary and discussion.  

These ads are in support of Argentina's marriage equality bill, which will be debated on the floor of the Senate tomorrow, July 14, 2010.  (Both ads are in Spanish but have subtitles in English.)

The first ad gives an historical overview of family law in Argentina and relates that history to the current debate on same-sex marriage.  It provides interesting insights as well as to the relationships between, society, the courts, and the legislature in Argentina.

The second ad aims directly for your heart:

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Gentlemen, according with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg, "The European Convention of Human Rights does not oblige states to ensure the right to marry homosexual couples". This judgment was given by a Chamber of seven judges from that Court (judgement on June 24, 2010)

Posted by: Louis von Wetzheim | Jul 14, 2010 10:07:51 AM

The European Court of Human Rights decided late June of this year, through a judgement that there is no obligation from any European country to ensure "the right to marry to homosexual couples". There is no violation of Article 12 (right to marry); Art. 14 (prohibition of discrimination) in conjunction with Article 8, right to respect for private and family life) . All those rights are part of the European Convention. In my opinion, a same sex marriage is not a "marriage" at all, because it contradicts International Law and Costume. In our times nobody will discriminate homosexuals if they want to live together, inherited, share their lives and incomes. Without any doubt, I share this judgement and it is totally contrary to law, a same sex marriage.

Posted by: Alexander Budberg JD | Jul 14, 2010 11:30:25 AM

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