Thursday, March 11, 2010

International Law Developments Today From Washington DC

ABA The American Bar Association's Government Affairs Office keeps track of developments at the federal level in a number of areas, including international law.  Today seems to have been a particularly busy day.  Here's the update we just received from the ABA GAO on new federal legislation, hearings, floor action, and presidential action, and other federal government notices:

International Law

Bills Introduced

S Con Res 54 (Nelson, D-NE), recognizing the life of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who died 2/23/10 in the custody of the government of Cuba, and calling for a continued focus on the promotion of internationally recognized human rights, as listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Cuba; to Foreign Relations. S1359, CR 3/10/10.

HR 4801 (Berman, D-CA), to establish the Global Science Program for Security, Competitiveness, and Diplomacy; to Foreign Affairs. H1322, CR 3/10/10.

HR 4807 (Kirk, R-IL), to amend the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 to require that the president investigate possible violations of that act within a specified period; to Foreign Affairs. H1323, CR 3/10/10.

H Res 1160 (Meeks, D-NY), calling for the establishment of a Haiti Marshall Plan Committee to coordinate aid and development initiatives from multilateral development banks, international financial institutions, U.S. bilateral aid programs, and major international charities and non-governmental organizations in response to the earthquake that struck Haiti 1/12/10, and encouraging them to work in a coordinated manner; to Financial Services. H1323, CR 3/10/10.


The National Security and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will hold a hearing titled “U.S. Aid to Pakistan: Planning and Accountability.” 3/16/10, 10 am, 2154 Rayburn.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a hearing titled “Trans-Atlantic Security in the 21 st Century: Do New Threats Require New Approaches?” 3/17/10, 9:30 am, 2172 Rayburn.

The Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment Subcommittee, House Foreign Affairs Committee, will hold a hearing titled “U.S.-Japan Relations: Enduring Ties, Recent Developments.” 3/17/10, 2:30 pm, 2172 Rayburn.

Floor Action

On 3/10/10, the Senate passed S 1067, to support stabilization and lasting peace in northern Uganda and areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army through development of a regional strategy to support multilateral efforts to successfully protect civilians and eliminate the threat posed by the Lord’s Resistance Army, and to authorize funds for humanitarian relief and reconstruction, reconciliation, and transitional justice.

On 3/10/10, the House passed, by a 418-1 vote, H Res 1088, to recognize the plight of people with albinism in East Africa and to condemn their murder and mutilation.

On 3/10/10, the House failed to agree, by a 65-356 vote, to H Con Res 248, to direct the president, pursuant to Section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution, to remove the United States Armed Forces from Afghanistan.

Presidential Action

On 3/10/10, the president transmitted to the Senate a report on the continuation of the national emergency declared 3/15/95 with respect to Iran.


On 3/11/10, the Foreign Agricultural Service, Department of Agriculture, announced a 3/29/10 public meeting in Washington, DC, of the Consultative Group to Eliminate the Use of Child Labor and Forced Labor in Imported Agricultural Products to solicit input from the public regarding the group’s statutory mandate to develop recommendations for independent, third-party monitoring and verification to reduce the likelihood that agricultural products or commodities imported into the United States are produced with the use of forced labor or child labor. Comments are due 5/30/10. FR 11512 .

On 3/11/10, the State Department announced the waiver of the assistance requirements of Section 7086(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2010 with respect to the government of Cambodia. FR 11620 .

On 3/11/10, the State Department announced a request for grant proposal applications for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ United States/Pakistan Professional Partnership Program, which will bring young professionals from the two countries together to develop cross-cultural relationships and professional skills that will positively impact people’s lives and will result in stronger ties between the two nations. Applications are due 4/9/10. FR 11612 .

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