Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World Justice Project

We've just received the following press release from the World Justice Project.  For more information about the World Justice Project (beyond what you're about to read in this press release), click here.


The World Justice Project, launched in 2007 to strengthen the rule of law worldwide, has become an independent not-for-profit Washington State corporation with tax exempt status, announced William H. Neukom, the project’s founder, president and CEO.
“The World Justice Project was intended from its inception to become an independent organization, “ said Neukom of San Francisco, who was American Bar Association president from August 2007 to August 2008. “After several years of nurturing under the umbrella of the ABA, the WJP’s leaders believe that it is ready to stand alone,” he said. Neukom pledged that the project will expand its work to promote adherence to the rule of law in countries across the world. “The ABA has been a generous host for the WJP and we are very appreciative of its cooperation and support for the new entity during its start-up phase,” Neukom continued.
The ABA “is enormously proud of the work of the WJP, and its efforts to advance communities of opportunity and equity around the world. The project’s innovative approach draws together leaders from all segments of society to support the rule of law as a foundation to foster environments where human potential can be fully realized and culture, health, education, commerce and political development can thrive,” said ABA President Carolyn Lamm of Washington, D.C.
During the transition, contemplated to continue through March 31, 2010, the project and its staff will continue to occupy space in ABA offices at 740 15th St., N.W., Washington, D.C., and the ABA will continue to provide certain facilities and services. WJP will pay the association rent and service fees. The ABA will remain an active participant in the WJP, along with other co-sponsors, including the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Trade Union Confederation, the World Federation of Public Health Associations and the American Society of Civil Engineers.
WJP will be governed by a board of directors, presently consisting of William C. Hubbard of Columbia, S.C., James R. Silkenat of New York and Neukom, and will be expanded in the future to include notable world leaders from a variety of important professions and disciplines. Its officers will include Roderick B. Mathews of Richmond, Va., as treasurer; Laurence B. Bailey of Seattle, Wash., as secretary, and Deborah Enix-Ross of New York as vice president. Current honorary co-chairs of the WJP include Emil Constantinescu, Hilario G. Davide Jr., Dr. Ashraf Ghani, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Mary Robinson.
The World Justice Project is unique in its engagement of stakeholders from a variety of disciplines around the world and is building an active network of governmental and nongovernmental leaders from more than 15 disciplinary fields, representing all socio-economic levels of society. Its work is being carried out through the creation of a comprehensive Rule of Law Index, the convening of global and regional mainstreaming meetings of world leaders on rule of law issues, the issuance of seed grants from the WJP’s Opportunity Fund to rule of law initiatives and the origination of new scholarship on rule of law issues. All of the WJP’s efforts are dedicated to developing practical programs in support of the rule of law.


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