Friday, July 17, 2009

Law Library of Congress Has Three Job Openings

The Law Library of Congress in Washington DC has three new job openings at the Directorate of Legal Research.  The Directorate, currently with over 20 Foreign Law Specialists, is an academy of legal research on foreign, comparative, and international law.  It primarily serves the U.S. Congress, but researchers from around the world have benefited as well from the work of these experts and access to the foreign and international collections at the Library of Congress.

The thee new positions, Foreign Law Specialists, cover (1) Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Common Law; (2) Turkey and Turkish-speaking countries; and (3) Scandinavian countries.  All three positions start at the U.S. GS-11 level with the promotional track to GS-15. Click here for more information.

Hat tip to Hongxia Liu


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