Monday, June 29, 2009

European Humanities University

The European Humanities University was located in Minsk, Belarus, until the Belorussian dictator Alexander Lukashenko shut it down -- or tried to -- in July 2004.  I remember reading about the protest organized by students who simply sat down in front of the building and spent the day reading their books (if they had done more than that they all risked arrest).  Lukashenko also threw out all foreign NGOs who were previously working in Belarus, including for example the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (then called the Central and Eastern European Law Initiative).   

Instead of closing its doors, the European Humanities University left Belarus and moved to neighboring Lithuania, where they are educating students to lead Belarus afterLukashenko is removed from office(he is sometimes described now as the last dictator in Europe).

A short article (and a short video) talk more about the current situation at the European Humanities University.  Click here to read more.


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