Monday, April 6, 2009

Pfizer settles with Nigeria in experimental drug case

Nigeria In an update on an earlier post, (see New Developments in ATS Suit Against Pfizer, Feb. 3, 2009), BBC News reported on Friday that Pfizer has reached a settlement with the Kano State in Nigeria in a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving allegations that Pfizer used an experimental oral antibiotic called Trovan on 200 children during a meningitis outbreak without their parents' knowledge or consent.  11 of those children died and 181 suffered injuries.  Pfizer denies the plaintiffs' allegations and claims the children were victims of the disease.  According to the lawyers, Pfizer will pay an undisclosed amount of compensation to the victims and to a local hospital.  This settlement would apparently end the litigation with both the Kano State and the Federal Nigerian government, but it is unclear if it would also end the lawsuit in the United States under the Alien Tort Statute.


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