Monday, March 2, 2009

Comparative Law Conference in Ukraine

Ukraine A comparative law seminar is being held in April in Ukraine for lawyers, professors, researchers, and students.  Past participants have included attendees from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United States, Turkey, Georgia, Belarus, and Uzbekistan.  Here is the schedule:

April 8-9, 2009: Fourth International Scientific Seminar «Comparative Law: Current State and Prospects for Development»   Round tables will be held on (1) The Experience of Transforming Post-Soviet Legal Systems; (2) Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Comparative Law; and (3) Comparative Law in Legal Education.

April 9-10, 2009: Open lectures (master-classes) by well-known scholars within the scope of the Ukrainian School of Comparative Law project

April 10-11, 2009: Scientific conference on “Comparative Law Discussions.”  Sessions will be held on (1) Supranational Tendencies in the Development of Law Branches and Institutes (subsections: constitutional and municipal law, administrative and financial law, civil law, and criminal law); (2) Comparative Investigation in International and European Law; (3) Theory of Law and Comparative Law; (4) Comparative Studies of Legal History; and (5) Legal Ethics: Foreign Experiences for Ukraine

April 8-11, 2009: Presentations of Projects, Books, and Journals

Working Languages of the Seminar are Ukrainian, Russian, and English.  Participants will receive certificates and the texts of open lectures, reports, and discussion speeches will be published.  Materials of the Comparative Law Days will be available on a special website (click here).  .  The application deadline to participate is March 25, 2009.  Have a look at this document for further information.  Download comparative_law_days_in_ukraine.doc

You can also contact Oleksiy Kresin at the Volodymyr Koretskyi Institute of State and Law in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.

Hat tip to Oleksiy Kresin, General Secretary of the Ukrainian Association of Comparative Law and Senior Research Fellow at the Volodymyr Koretskyi Institute of State and Law, National Academy of Science, Ukraine.


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