Sunday, January 4, 2009

Symposium on Immigrant Workers

The Univeristy of San Francisco Law Review will hold a symposium on Friday, February 27, 2009 on how contemporary society views, treats, and defines immigrant workers.  Morning plenary panels will consider approaches to address immigrant worker rights, parallels between chattel slavery and present immigration policy, and the treatment of female immigrant workers in the context of slavery, trafficking, and migrant farming.  Panelists include Professor Gerald Neuman of Harvard Law School, Dean Kevin Johnson of UC Davis School of Law, and Professor Adrienne Davis of Washington University in St. Louis School of Law.  John Trasvina, General Counsel and President of MALDEF, will provide the keynote address.  Afternoon breakout sessions will cover labor law, ICE raids, and the high-tech industry.  Panelists include Professor Bill Hing of UC Davis School of Law, Professor Christopher Cameron of Southwestern School of Law, and Mr. Martin Lawler of Lawler & Lawler LLP.  For more infomration on the symposium contact Jenica Mariani.


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